The Pet Tailor

Happy Tails Camp Resort


Down on the Farm

There is always somethig for our visitors to watch through out the day.

Country life offers us the variety of wildlife visitors and its never a dull moment in this county. 


Ba-Ba Hill Farm

Ba Ba Hill is what we named the hill across from our home and Pet Resort. It is where our sheep grazed several times during the day.

Our commercial flock was a cross of Scottish Blackface and Suffolk bred to Fin and Dorset.

We selected a breeding program to produce multiple live births with strong natural mothering skills, good health, strong immune systems, long thick wool and to grade well for meat.

Yes, they all have names and know our voice.
When Jesus called us sheep it may not have been a compliment but at least we know we are loved. 

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Farm update, Due to increasing cost and care in 2020 We sold the sheep. Then in 2023 after repeated issues with trees breaking down our fences, Shannon (Quarter horse mare) and Kiva (Friesian X Percheron mare) were given to a lady down the street.