The Pet Tailor

Happy Tails Camp Resort

1st Timer Information


General Information

The first time you board a pet with us, we do require a $25.00 non-refundable deposit. 

Registration information, listed at the end of this page for your convenience, needs to be in our computer system before we can make or hold a reservation.

Owners are required to bring their pet’s food so they stay on the diet their systems are used to.


 Please let us know if your pets have any allergies or medical needs.


You are welcome to bring bedding and toys from home if you desire as long as they are washable and you do not care if they get lost or destroyed.


Please do not bring pet dishes from home.


Try not to feed or allow your pet to drink a lot of water several hours before leaving home, incase they get car sick.

We try to make the leaving process as painless as possible for the pet and ask that owners try not to be worried or sad. The pet does not understand what is going on at first but knows when their owners are upset and this can trigger anxiety. If the owner is calm about leaving their pet with us the pet will be more at peace. When the owner is upset the pet will be upset.


When you return home with your pet do not let them drink a lot of water all at once and try to limit their food and treats. Your Pets will be all excited, eager to check out their home looking too see if anyone has been there while they were away. Just like human kids they can get too much of a good thing and get an upset tummy. Also pets may be a little tired from all the fun activities and want to take a nap.



For The Dog Owners

In addition to the general information above here is a little more information just for the canines.


We will not drag or force a pet to leave their owners. We prefer their owners hand them over to us in the waiting area as we wait and watch with your pet until you are gone. It is better psychology for the pets to remember the office as the place where their family was last seen. We find that pets respond like kids at daycare and once the parents have left they get busy having fun until their family returns.

The feature of having our dog runs out front where our canine visitors can see everything is wonderful to entertain those already staying with us but can be a bit scary and overwhelming to the first time visitor. All the barking may frighten the new comer but once they are here and see that it is safe and fun they usually come back happy to join in on all the exciting activities. We see most of our returning pets pulling their owners inside the door, eager to get out and play.

For Cat Owners
In addition to the general information above here is a little more information just for the felines.


 We understand that most of our feline guests do not like to travel and may not be happy upon arrival. We will do our best to make them comfortable and that starts by getting them up to their rooms as quickly as possible.


 Felines are more reserved and prefer to be in charge. They do not appreciate us pushing ourselves on them. We find it best to set the carrier on the floor in their villa, remove the door and allow them to come out and explore their new surrounding when they feel safe. It usually does not take long and they soon respond like kids at daycare, getting busy having fun until their owners return.




 We required the information below to create a file for you & your pet so we can better serve your needs.

We type the information into our computer system ahead of time and it's kept on file for future use.

To get this information to us - - -

Call us & we will take the info over the phone


print out & mail us a copy.






Owners Last Name (?)


Owners First Name (?)


Mailing Address (?)


City (?)


State (?)


Zip (?)


Home Phone # (?)


Cell Phone # (?)


Emergency Contact Person Name (?)


Emergency Contact Person Home Phone # (?)


Emergency Contact Person Work Phone # (?)


Emergency Contact Person Cell Phone # (?)


Pet Type, Dog Cat, Bird etc (?)


Pet Name (?)


Pets Breed  (?)


Pets Color (?)


Is Pet Male or Female (?)


Is Pet Spayed or Neutered (?)


Pets Birthday (?)


Pets Weight (?)


Vet Hospital Name (?)


Vet Hospital Phone # (?)


Date Pets Rabies Vaccination Expires Month/Day/Year(?)


Date Pets Distemper Combo Vaccinations Expires Month/Day/Year (?)


Date Pets other Vaccination. List Name and Month/Day/Year Expires(?)


Any Medications you will be bringing for us to give during stay (?)


   If so what is the medication (?)


   How is the medication given, in food, injection, topical etc (?)


   Amount each time (?)


   Time of day given (?)


   Any special instructions for this medication (?)


We do ask that you bring the food that you want us to feed your pets during their visit. What type of feed will it be, dry, can, semi moist, frozen etc. (?)


Are there instructions with the food, like add water, heat, mix etc (?)

Number of times to feed per day (?)


Times of day you usually feed (?)


Amount of food per feeding (?)



The following questions are to help us better serve your pet

Does this Pet have any problems going up/down steps (?)


Is this pet a big chewer, if so please give samples of things chewed like bedding, toys etc (?)


What are a few of this Pets Favorite Things, eating, belly rub, playing ball etc (?)


Does this Pet have any fears, storms etc (?)


Will this Pet prefer to spend more time inside or outside (?)


Does this Pet defend its space and/or food with other pets or people (?)


Does this Pet Love other pets or is fearful of other pets, dislike certain types etc (?)


Does this Pet love everybody or afraid of strangers, etc (?)


Any Special Needs for this pet(?)


 Please give a description of any personal belongings you plan to bring with your pet so we can try to keep track of them. i.e., a bed, toys, treats etc.(?)


(Reminder, do not bring food or water bowls from home. It's simply too much to keep track of which bowls belongs to who through our daily cleaning routines.)


Do you desire any Play Yard Time during visit, if so how often and for what length of time (?)


Do you desire any Nature Walks during visit, if so how often and for what length of time (?)


Do you desire any Pet Grooming during the visit (?)


Date of Arrival (?)


Time of Arrival (?)


Date of Departure (?)


Time of Departure (?)


Do you want us to keep your Pets together while here (?)


if so do they need to be separated to eat (?)

 Any other information – or request (?)