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Cataloft Villas

The Cataloft Villa is located in the upstairs of our Club House building.

Our Cat Villas are large, each one is a separate room custom made from floor to ceiling with multiple levels for our frisky feline friends to play. We also offer ex-large size for multiple family pets to bunk together.

We have 5 inside villas with a view of the front field and 4 in/out Villas facing the Hillside.

Four of our Villas have full access in/out  to an attached outside enclosure through a cat door in their window for bird watching, sunbathing, lounging and more activity.

We also have bird feeders on the hillside that attract many birds for our feline guest to watch.

Our Facility is climate controlled with AC and Heat. We have a full back up generator for emergencies and every room is connected to our smoke and fire alarm system.



Private window to safely watch the daily activities outside

Lookout post to watch the inside activities

Box to hide out in or catch a cat nap

Holes to climb through

Hammock to lounge on

Bedding to snuggle up on

Ladder ramp to climb up & down

Multiple levels of shelves for the frisky felines to jump about

Scratching post to exercise claws or rub on

Hanging toys to bat around

Toy box with hidden treasures to find and pounce on

Feed dishes with fresh water are easily accessible

Privacy plus open to see out when desired
Roomy enough to freely move around and get exercise

litter boxes for the necessities
Nature shows on TV in the afternoon and soft music plays in the background the rest of the time

We never put cats together that do not live together.

Owners are required to bring their pet’s food. We provide the litter.

Several times a week, we play nature videos for our kitty friends that seem interested.






Naturally there is endless playtime in the enclosed Villas but “Playtime” as described here is an additional service. It is for one on one time playing with a person, petting, brushing, lounging in the chair to watch a nature video or freely exploring the room. 

You can see a few more photos on the playtime photo page.

Special playtime is available for your pets and special visits with k-9 friends can be arranged, if desired.


Here is the proof, Cats do watch TV

To see a few cats enjoying playtime in the Cataloft click here for quick link to the Playtime photo page


We do board several types of Exotic Pets 

We understand the needs of many types of pets and are able to care for them when their owners are away. Birds, Rabbits and Ferrets usually come in their cage and are kept in our Cattery Building or in the loft of our office building


Photo above shows the Cat Tree added in 2011

plus there are many more items that have been added after that for their enjoyment.