The Pet Tailor

Happy Tails Camp Resort

All Breed Grooming

Starting 2024


Basic Bath includes:

Nails clipped

Anal glands expressed

 Ear care

Massage spray bath

Coat conditioner, if needed

Hair drying


We reserve the right to refuse a pet that shows signs of aggression towards people.

We do not drug pets and do not welcome pets that have been tranquilized.

Pets naturally get lots of attention and praises.

We can tell that the pet feels better and we have been told that they sleep well at night and love to come back.

Extra charges will apply to pets that have fleas &/or ticks. Flea and tick shampoos, dips, powders and sprays do not have lasting effects and will not prevent the problem from re-occurring.

When Bugs are a problem we recommend “FRONTLINE” from the Vet for dogs and “ADVANTAGE” for cats.




Pets enjoy the open space we have provided in our grooming room and they seem to enjoy looking at the fish tanks, seeing all the activities and the people watching them through the big windows.

We require that all pets be current on all vaccinations and are in good health.

Pets that have an illness that would threaten the health of other pets are not allowed.

A pet that has matted fur must be dematted first or clipped before it is bathed so they can't recieve just the basic bath. We do not just bathe and leave in matts because the matting can cause the pet to develop skin sores.

Older pets with heart problems that have not been groomed on a regular basis are at risk for a stroke if they get too excited. We will do everything we can to make the bathing process a safe experience but we will refuse service on a pet we feel is at risk.

Because our grooming room is out front where all our customers come in, we can not allow any skunked pets into our facility. Skunked pets smell worse when the sprayed spot gets wet and the aroma is so strong that it will linger in our facility for days. There are many remedies we have heard about and tried but time seems to be the only 100% cure. We recommend that the owner locate the spot that was sprayed and put Pure Vanilla on it with a sponge.

Our Equipment

We use professional grooming tables, nail clippers, and dryers.

The Prima bathing system is used to thoroughly clean the pets’ coat and rinse it clean. It feels similar to a massage jet in a shower.

We have one stand up tub for bathing small pets and one walk in type for dogs too large to lift. Both are equipped with rubber mats to help keep paws from slipping.

We use proffesional dryers for drying.

We do not use enclosed cage dryers but use portable dryers with timers that are set up to blow warm air into modular units that have a raised platform installed to allow more air circulation around the pet.

We use rubber mats for pets to rest on.

All pets are offered water during the day and given breaks as needed. Dogs are offered use of our outside grooming run for potty breaks and the Felines are offered a litter box.


As a rule we stay busy with standing appointments for the year. We recommend calling in advance.


The Grooming Staff 

Kay had to stop grooming in 2002  after an auto accident.

Barbara was trained by Kay many years prior to the accident and was able to groom at the Pet Tailor facility for many years but officially retired in 2023.

We were blessed to have the wonderful Pet Stylist, Lora, start with us in May 2008. She is a certified all breed groomer with a big heart. Starting January 2024 Lora will be grooming from to home in Culpeper and can be reached at (540) 827-7669

Casey started with the Pet Tailor in 2023, she is an overly qualified veterinarian technician that is great wth the pets and starting 2024 she is willing to help out with bathing and nails of pets scheduled through her at the Pet tailor office.